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Education Sessions

Education Sessions & Descriptions

Public education sessions will be held on Friday & Saturday convering a wide range of topics that will benefit landowners. Take a look below to see the lineup and decide if there are any topics of interest to you!

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment determines if a tree is structurally sound or has the potential for failure.

Presented by Purdue University Forester Lindsey Purcell

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Friday, August 27th 12:30p
  • Friday, August 27th 1:30p

Wood Magic

Aimed specifically at elementary school students, Wood Magic is an exciting and innovative program to educate students about the tremendous important of wood and wood products in everyday life. They participate in hands-on experiments such as making plywood and paper, and testing the strength of wood.

Presented by Rado Gazo & Eva Haviarova, Purdue University

  • Location Woods on Wheels Stage
  • Friday, August 27th 1:30p
  • Friday, August 27th 4p
  • Saturday, August 28th | 2p

Prescribed Fires

Not all forest fires are bad. Did you know fire can be good for people and the land? After many years of fire exclusion, an ecosystem that needs periodic fire becomes unhealthy.  Fires can reduce fuel building, provide forage for game, and improve ecosystems for threatened and endangered species.

Presented by Wildlife Extension Specialist Jarred Brooke

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Friday, August 27th 2:30p

What Your DNR District Forester Can Do For You

District Foresters from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Forestry are professionally trained to manage forestland. A District Forester can help you start the management of your forested land by visiting your woods and recommending a best course of action to meet your goals. The foresters administer both state and federal programs that provide technical assistance, property tax incentives, and cost-sharing incentives for sustainable management.

Presented by Zack Smith, DNR

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Friday, August 27th | 3:30p
  • Saturday, August 28th | 2p

Forest Improvement

This session is designed to teach landowners about timber stand improvement. TSI increases timber value through: increasing the proportion of valuable timber tree species in a forest stand; increasing the proportion of trees that have good timber form, high quality, and defect-free wood volume; and reducing the time it takes for crop trees to grow to maturity by increasing growth rates.

Presented by Lenny Farlee, Purdue

  • Location | Woods on Wheels Stage
  • Friday, August 27th | 4p
  • Saturday, August 28th | 1p
  • Saturday, August 28th | 3p

Invasive Insects

Invasive insects and pathogens are a serious threat to many forests in the United States and have decimated populations of several tree species, including ash, elm and chestnut. Their impact can be swift and devastating to forest ecosystems. Learn how to identify and manage invasive insects in your woods.

Presented by Jared Spokowsky, DNR

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Friday, August 27th | 4:30p
  • Saturday, August 28th | 11a

Invasive Species

Invasive plants are among the most serious problems affecting landscapes and communities across the United States. These plants not only threaten the ecological integrity and biological diversity of our forest ecosystems, but can result in significant negative economic impacts. In this session, you’ll learn about methods of controlling invasive plant species, which include: preventing invasions, early detection and rapid response, control techniques, accessing resources and assistance.

Presented by Liz Yetter, SICIM

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Saturday, August 28th | 12p

Animal Diversity

Eighty percent of the world’s known terrestrial plant and animal species can be found in forests, and conserving forest biodiversity is key to providing and protecting a variety of habitats for plants and animals.

Presented by Alex Pettigrew, Purdue University

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Saturday, August 28th | 1p

Smokey the Bear – Fire Safety

Kids still love Smokey the Bear, who will be on hand to give life and property-saving tips on preventing fires at campsites and around your home.

Presented by Smokey the Bear & Bev Stout, DNR

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Saturday, August 28th | 3p

Woodland Owner Panel

Foresters, landowners, and an attorney will be on hand to share tips and answer all of your questions about your forestland. Learn how to dramatically reduce your property taxes, prepare for a timber harvests, maintain and improve your forest health, and more.

Panel Discussion including Duane McCoy, DNR | John Buyer, CC Cook & Son | Perry Seitzinger, Seitzinger Forestry

  • Location Family Arts Building
  • Saturday, August 28th | 4p
  • Saturday, August 28th | 5p