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Indiana’s Best Logger Competition

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Indiana’s Best Logger Competition

Sponsored by Tri-State Timber & prize money donated by Buchan Sawmill!

Witness professional loggers in action!

Loggers will compete in a highly-skilled competition, with events including Speed Cut, Precision Bore Cutting, Spring Poles and the grand finale Tree Felling Bullseye!

The Indiana’s Best Logger Competition is based on the training that loggers receive in order to be more productive and safe in the woods.  The training is given through the Safety and Woods Workers (SAWW) Training Program with Joe Glenn as the instructor.

The competition uses the different aspects of the training and how they are applied while working in the woods.  Chain sharpening, speed cutting, bore cutting, spring poles, and tree felling are all events in the training and are essential practices they utilize every day.

Day of Event Details

Watch real, everyday working Indiana loggers compete for the title of Indiana’s Best Logger! Competitors earn points in a variety of skills, including… Speed Cuts, Bore Cutting, Spring-pole Tree Cuts & the Tree Felling Bullseye! This competition takes place on Saturday from 9:00a-2:00p!  Competitors will be going through the various events in pairs, so whether you are watching at 11:00a or 1:00p you will see people going through all the events, to include the tree felling.  However, when all the contestants have completed all the events and their scores tallied, the prizes will be awarded around 2:30 or 3:00.

Congratulations to the 2022 IN Best Logger Competitions top performers…

  • Winner – Alvin Graber
  • Runner-Up – Craig Reckelhoff

Logger Competition – Event Descriptions

Chain Sharpening!

Competition Details

Each contestant is given a dull chain and will have 30 minutes to sharpen it. These sharpened chains are to be used in the Speed Cut competition, following this event!

In the woods application

A professional logger has to have a sharpened chain in order to make clean cuts and to decrease the amount of effort it takes to make the cuts.  Accidents occur more often when loggers are fatigued.

Speed Cuts!

Competition Details

Each contestant is given one of two chain saws that are perfectly matched, they put the chain they just sharpened on the saw they are given, and they efficiently make two timed cuts; one up and one down.  The difference in their cuts is not from the equipment, but how well they sharpen their chain and how well they listen to the saw as it is making the cuts.  If they push to hard on the saw it slows down the cut and if they do not push hard enough they will not cut the wood as efficiently

In the woods application

Time is money. While safety is always the number one priority, tree cutting can be done safely AND quickly by skilled professionals.

Precision Bore Cutting!

Competition details

Each contestant will have to cut into a standing 6”x6” board, but they can only cut in marked areas using the tip of the chain and bar on the saw.  They cut into one marked area and have to come out in the marked area on the other side without cutting outside of those windows.

In the woods application

Bore cutting is a technique used to fell or top a tree, but is considered to allow for a more accurate direction of fall, along with added safety. Bore cutting is thought to take more time and does require a more professional saw and chain than the traditional way of felling trees. However, this technique is considered safer as it gives the logger more control over when it will fall and be more accurate in where it will fall. This technique can be useful if a tree is leaning a direction you don’t want it to fall OR if you have to be very precise in where it lands. Please remember, using the tip of the chain and bar can be very dangerous and is the source of most “kickbacks” when using a saw.

Springpole Tree Cuts!

Competition details

Each contestant will have a bent over tree that they will have to cut in such a way that it releases the pressure without it being cut through or break off.  There is a specific area of the tree where this works best and the closer they are to that point when they are done cutting, the more points they receive.

In the woods application

Springpoles are smaller trees that have been bent over by larger trees falling on them. Springpole trees present a dangerous situtaiton for loggers. These trees have a tremendous amount of pressure built up in them and loggers must determine where to make their cuts to minimize the spring action of the tree when the pressure is released! If Springpoles are cut near the ground, loggers can be seriously injured or killed.

Tree Felling Bullseye!

Competition details

The top 10 contestants each get a tree that stands differently. Each tree will have a bullseye painting on the top of it. Competitors will be challenged to land that bullseye on top of a spike they must place in the ground. This competition will test the accurancy of assessing a tree’s height and the competitor’s skill at felling the tree in an ideal direction!

In the woods application

Whether in the woods or a developed area, where your tree falls matters. Beyond avoiding other people, equipment, buildings, vehicles, etc. Sometimes you have to avoid the unseen, such as water / sewer lines that could be cracked from the weight of the falling tree. Also, if they fell a tree in the woods and it lodges into another tree, getting it the rest of the way down can be dangerous, lowers productivity, and can damage both trees.

Safety Violations!

Competition details

In every event a logger can lose points for doing something that is a safety violation, which can make the difference between winning the contest and ending much lower in the standings.  An example of a safety violation is operating the chain saw and not having hearing protection, and another is cutting wood with the saw and not having eye protection.

In the woods application

Logging is one of the top two most dangerous professions in the country.  The practices that you will witness can be the difference between being injured, killed, or going home safely every day of their career.

Loggers – Sign Up Below

Calling all Professional Loggers from Indiana

Are you a skilled logger, based in Indiana? If so, we’d love to feature you and your skills at the Hoosier Hardwood Festival! Here are some important items to know before you sign up…

All competitors will need to have completed all 4 levels of cutter training in order to compete.

The Hoosier Hardwood Festival will provide

  • All lumber for the competition
  • Judges & safety monitors
  • A commemorative t-shirt for all competitors

All Indiana’s Best Logger competitors must provide

  • Hard hat
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Chaps or saw pants in good condition
  • Work boots or chain saw protective boots
  • Good, working, professional chain saw
  • Sharpening + chain saw maintenance tools
  • Gloves recommended, but not required

    RV / Camping space available

    Limited full and partial hookup RV / camping options are available via Boone County Fairgrounds at a discounted rate. Please indicate on the form below if you would like more information regarding RV / camping spaces.


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