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All American Lumberjack Show

All American Lumberjack Show

You won’t want to miss this exciting headline feature of our festival! The All American Lumberjack Show will feature 10 different events showcasing a wide variety of lumberjack skills! This fast-paced, highly entertaining event will create a great memory for you and your kids!

Show Schedule

  • Friday, September 9th | 3-3:45p
  • Saturday, September 10th | 11:15a-12p
  • Saturday, September 10th | 2:15-3p
  • Sunday, September 11th | 11a-11:45a
  • Sunday, September 11th | 2p-2:45p

Featuring 10 lumberjack events!

  • Log Rolling
  • OP Race
  • Axe Throwing
  • Spring Board Tree Topping
  • Single Buck
  • 2 Man X-cut Sawing
  • Stock Saw Racing
  • Hot Saw Racing
  • Quick Carve
  • Log Boom Racing

These events are run in head to head competition format with lots of interaction with the audience, who along with the lumberjacks, are on a RED or BLUE team. Carvings made in the show are given away to someone in the audience!